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Mod Features:

  • All skins are open
  • Disabled advertising display
  • Endless money
  • You can get free stuff without watching ads
  • Free purchases with real money (you will not receive success messages, but items will appear in stock).


Zombie Survival – Haze is the latest action shooting survival game that gives players an ultimate RPG space. Some zombie games have appeared with fun and exciting gameplay in the past, but this game affects very different gameplay. Players will experience an interface that is no different from other famous RPG games. Survival shooting game combined with many fantastic tactics for players to show themselves as a hegemonic gamer to overcome a series of challenges here.

Zombie Survival: HAZE MOD APK

Zombie Survival: HAZE (alpha)Northgard MOD APK

Zombie Survival: HAZE APK


This survival shooting action game combines unique tactics to give players an entirely new entertainment space. Zombie Survival is an action game with RPG elements with a top-notch strategy guaranteed to fall in love with you from the start. In the morning you wake up, you suddenly realize that the world is no longer as peaceful as the first day. The world began to be chaotic, with many enemies running in chaos. Players are forced to find ways to fight with their lives. Besides, all the people turned into bloodthirsty zombies, and the apocalypse came, and the city was filled with the undead. Now, players only need to escape to the city to find a place to escape from the zombies.

Zombie Survival: HAZE APK Download

Zombie Survival: HAZE (alpha) Zombie Survival: HAZE (alpha)


In this action game, you will have to find every cash that exists in a devastated world where the only other survivors are animals and zombies. In addition, you also have the opportunity to explore a large world right in Zombie Survival. The player’s task is to destroy all zombies and continue to explore in a harsh environment, become the winner and find out the secret behind the terrible events. However, the highlight of the game is the interface. Players will see the interface has a couple of features quite similar to PUGB, especially space. Besides, while exploring the world, you should also create second allies to create the strength to fight the scary zombies.

Zombie Survival: HAZE MOD APK Download


In the game, players are equipped with several equipment and weapons for survival, from water, flashlight, blood to modern guns. Players will be adventurous and free to do things in the open world if they survive and complete their own goals. Zombie Survival is not a simple and easy mobile game for you to “break the island.” It is full of challenges, and players need time, learning new tactics to overcome. Besides, the game is implemented in a realistic first-person perspective; the sound is vivid, giving you a great experience. If you want to defeat zombie enemies quickly, you should create some more modern tools and weapons.

Zombie Survival: HAZE (alpha) Zombie Survival: HAZE (alpha)


In a chaotic city, players must try to explore and learn many things to defeat the scary zombies quickly. To develop your character, the player will interact with the NPC to find the power of many friends. Zombie Survival lets players strengthen their defenses to upgrade a variety of weapons. Besides, while performing the mission, you also collect valuable resources to serve the process of fighting the enemy. However, it would be best to prepare your defenses during the day and stock up on important things.

Zombie Survival: HAZE Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Butterfly.ZombieSurvivalHAZE


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