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Players will be allowed to go on the harshest and most gruesome training path to become one of the strongest people in the world of Z Champions. The main mode of this game is the Dragon Tournament that lets you battle the characters that were inspired directly from the Dragon Ball Z Manga/Anime series.

Z Champions MOD APK

Z Champions MOD APK 1.5.395 Download Latest Version 2021My Cafe — Restaurant Game MOD APK

Z Champions APK

Go back to childhood

The first opponents will be weak and easily defeated. With low power stats and poor combat skills. But the stronger your opponent will be, the more you will struggle to overcome. Programmable AIs are very intelligent, designed to use mature skills and do not have extra time. You can hardly take advantage of a gap while they comb back to practice so much to be able to use the combo mature enough as the opponent to have the opportunity to win.

Z Champions APK Download

Z Champions MOD APK 1.5.395 Download Latest Version 2021

Z Champions MOD APK Download

Character system

Z Champions is designed with a lot of different characters with different power levels. 37 opponents with different attacks and stats make you think about how to deal with them all. But most of all, you have to understand all of their playstyles so that you can find the weaknesses. Then practice a character that suits your style. There is only one way to compare and become the strongest.

Z Champions MOD APK 1.5.395 Download Latest Version 2021

However, before you can test all the champions, you have to go through a long process to unlock them. In the hardships and hardships, you have to adventure among the twelve worlds, experience seemingly impossible tasks or unexplainable strange phenomena. But to overcome the challenge of Songoku style, you have to transform to increase Ki to a new level. At that point, your power, skills, speed will improve and spin your ultimate to be able to knock down opponents in one hit.

Two modes for players to choose from

If one opponent is too difficult to overcome, what should you do? Of course, I do not teach you how to cheat where you have to practice. Practice mode is where you have to go in order to increase your fighting skills as well as combining specific skills to create your own combos to defeat your opponents smoothly. Once you have mastered the practice in PRACTICE mode, your next challenge is to challenge your opponents in SINGLEPLAYER mode to be able to verify your progress during long-term non-stop training.

Z Champions MOD APK 1.5.395 Download Latest Version 2021

Surely you will see the results after the hard days. But in times of boredom, there is a funny mode that you can release. Come to the minigames system to get a break from the preparation for the next training session. Finally to verify all that you have gone through, try 7 SURVIVAL mode battles. You will have to fight constantly without stopping until you kill all your opponents to the challenge. If you win them then you are successful.

Z Champions MOD APK 1.5.395 Download Latest Version 2021

Sum up

Have you ever watched to forget to eat the Manga/Anime Dragon Ball series for sure? That would be a perfect choice for you. Although Z Champions MOD APK is designed with simple graphics, but carefully invested in the moves and attacks on the diversity of characters should still receive positive comments from the gaming community. Thanks to that it has reached to 1000000 downloads for their own. But this is not an official game of the copyright holder so it is still free to download on Google Play and keep updating the latest champions for everyone to enjoy.

Z Champions Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Sansonight.ZChampionsTournament


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