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Mod Features:

  • Game speed multiplier [x1 – x10]
  • No skill cooldown

NOTE: Make sure enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps


Role-playing with dangerous wild animals like wolves, join the game Wolf Tales. The game allows you to get lost in the predatory wilderness of the RPG world. You will help the wolves survive as well as maintain your race when becoming a full-fledged gray or black wolf. Grow your pack of wolves to become the top wolf; you will have great moments when you win. Experience the atmosphere of wild nature in the game to have an exciting adventure for yourself.

Wolf Tales – Online Wild Animal Sim MOD APK

Wolf Tales – Online Wild Animal SimCooking Diary MOD APK

Wolf Tales – Online Wild Animal Sim APK


First, you need to nurture your wolf well and train it with hunting or protecting the pack. The leader wolf has a huge task in arranging the order of the pack as well as finding prey. So you need to train your wolf to unlock more skills, from drill attacks to perfecting skills in real combat. In addition, the game  Wolf Tales also has stealth skills, so you can use stealth when hunting.

Wolf Tales – Online Wild Animal Sim APK Download

Your wolf is strong enough to participate in survival battles; then, you can fight other players in PvP battles. Join your pack to attack other wolves when threatened, or you want to expand your territory to increase your food source. Finally, become a ferocious predator with your fellow humans in online battles in the game.

Wolf Tales – Online Wild Animal Sim MOD APK Download

Wolf Tales – Online Wild Animal Sim


Not only are you threatened by other wolves, but you also have to fight many other species in the wild. The special thing is that you cannot only defeat them, but you can also collect enemies on your side. Recruit leaders of species such as wildcats, foxes, and other wild animals or even dragons into your den. The diversity of animals makes your team more potent in terms of numbers as well as improved quality. Invincible in battles is no longer a tricky thing.

Protecting your territory from other invasive species is a top priority. Use your skills in combat as well as your strength to drive all beasts out of your territory, assist in not letting your fellow humans get hurt.

Wolf Tales – Online Wild Animal Sim


Wolf Tales simulates like in the wild when building you a family of wolves. The breeding process is like reality; you will raise your baby from a young age and teach it more powerful combat attributes. After they develop, you train them to hunt and take them to challenge other species to become more courageous. You will be an example for your children to learn step by step fighting and survival skills in the harsh natural world. Train your little ones well, so they have a chance to survive the threats of the surrounding predators.


Wildlife unfolds, from the jungle, the mountains, and the grasslands to the harsh icy arctic in Wolf Tales. You will experience the quality of realistic wildlife simulation 3D graphics in vivid detail. From space to time are beautifully described as changing day and night, mountain peaks along with tunnels and secret passages to expand your wolf family.

Wolf Tales – Online Wild Animal Sim

Forget the noisy and dusty real life and come to the game Wolf Tales to immerse yourself in the vast wild world. Experience the feeling of being the leader of wolves and fighting in the battles of nature, and you will feel more comfortable.

Wolf Tales – Online Wild Animal Sim Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.FoxieGames.WildWolfAnimalSim


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