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Mod Features:

1. No Skill CD
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Adventure role-playing games often bring players different experiences and emotions because of the storyline or its gameplay. There have been many successful role-playing games and are still mentioned today. And so far, creative ideas, diverse gameplay, and many attractive features have made the RPG genre thrive with many different types of graphics. One of them has a game called Unknown Hero with classic 2D graphics, and it uses novel ideas to give players a journey with endless possibilities. If you love fighting non-stop action, collecting loads of equipment, and conquering difficult challenges, this game will be a choice for you.


Unknown HERO (MOD, Damage/No CD)Idle Space Business Tycoon MOD APK

Unknown HERO APK


Unknown Hero is an adventure action game set in a fantasy world, and its style is a dark fantasy with dungeons, monsters, and countless challenges for players. The gameplay of the game is very diverse in many things, such as challenges, weapons, equipment, and mission systems. Of course, the combat mechanism is excellent, and players will always be entertained by it. Instead of focusing on the plot, this game focuses on developing a combat mechanism. Therefore, players will have more flexible control experience than other 2D side-scrolling games. Besides, the hack ‘n’ slash element will appear in this game with countless different fighting combos for each weapon. The upgrade system is diversified, allowing players to upgrade many different areas to improve the strength of the character. Even massive skill systems will be added to the game, allowing players to choose any skill they want into the battlefield.

Unknown HERO APK Download

Unknown HERO (MOD, Damage/No CD)

Unknown HERO MOD APK Download

Simple RPG with 2d pixel graphics

The game’s graphics are 2D side-scrolling, but it has eye-catching colors and also has severe visual effects to improve the player’s experience. Every attack always carries great power feel, and vivid sound effects will stimulate it. The game has a simple control mechanism, and the side-scrolling element will reduce repetitive actions and create more feelings for the player. The smooth control mechanism, flexible character movement, and even the character’s animation are meticulously designed, making the hack ‘n’ slash element emphasized. Of course, skill effects also play a big part in improving the mood of the player, and there is also a system of elemental skills for players.

Unknown HERO (MOD, Damage/No CD)

Unknown HERO MOD APK Download

Character characteristics

The game does not have any specific character system, so players are free to build their playstyle as the way they want. To do that, players must use interrelated weapons such as wizards, archers, and knights. The variety of weapons included includes such as melee, long-range, and some other unusual weapons appearing in the fantasy world. The equipment works the same way, and they will increase the player’s base stats to a certain extent so that the character becomes adaptable to the player’s gameplay. Of course, all items are distinguished by a particular rank, and they will become stronger as their rank gets higher.

Unknown HERO (MOD, Damage/No CD)

The player’s journey can take many parts of the world, cross dungeons, fight countless monsters, and search for treasures. So the game will have many challenges for players, even entertaining players with diverse game modes. Players who fight will receive exp points and accumulate enough to level up. When the character is level up, the basic stats will be raised in a balanced manner, new skills will be unlocked, and players will unlock more exciting features.

Unknown HERO (MOD, Damage/No CD)

Various skills

The skill system for players is massive, so players can build countless different fighting styles as the way they want. New skills will unlock if the player is levelup, and the player can bring up to four active skills during combat. The game also has passive skills, and they will constantly work to bring players more buffs. Besides the variety of skills and character systems, the game also allows players to craft and upgrade weapons. Players can use the leftover weapons to make raw materials, if their rank is high, the effect associated with the new weapons will be great. If players like current weapons, they can upgrade to improve the strength.

Unknown HERO (MOD, Damage/No CD)

Players will have to explore everywhere on the map, collect all weapons, unlock titles every time they come to this game. Not only that, but the game will also create many different opportunities for players with the ability to drop high-quality items. Unknown Here can be a game with endless gameplay, and if you like style games like Unknown Hero, then join now and start the experience.

Unknown HERO Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.a985sw.unknownhero&hl=en


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