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According to the game developer, Scary Stranger 3D is an exciting game for every player. Starting with this game, you will meet Bob – a mischievous and always wanted to tease strangers when he met them. And it all starts here since there’s information that an old man will move house to the area where Bob is staying. There are some rumours that this old man was a teacher when he was young. Coincidentally, of the many people who have been teased by Bob before, no one is a teacher. So Bob’s dream is also to tease a teacher once. But unfortunately, that old man looked quite suspicious and scary. In the whole neighbourhood where Bob lives, no one can know the name and where he came from, only to know that he was a former teacher. He has a separate life in his house and does not interact with anyone in the neighbourhood. Everyone is scared of him but except Bob when he is planning these old teasing times.

Scary Stranger 3D MOD APK

Scary Stranger 3D MOD APK 5.1.41 Download Latest Version 2021
The unique opportunity to tease in the world

And since this old man moved in, Bob has been incredibly happy. Now is a perfect opportunity for Bob to be able to tease strangers – which is a strange hobby of Bob. Bob’s life gradually becomes depressing, sad when his hobby of teasing strangers becomes deadlocked. Because simply all his jokes are no longer a secret for the people living in this neighborhood. But fortunately, when he was fed up with not being able to tease strangers, the old man moved in. Bob is directing all his attention to the old man and will be even more interested in him when the old man is said to be a strange person by the people. Probably a lot of fun and scary stories will happen in “Scary Stranger 3D” when Bob approaches the old man.Dungeon Survival 2 MOD APK

Scary Stranger 3D APK

Scary Stranger 3D MOD APK 5.1.41 Download Latest Version 2021
Beautiful graphic images, well-designed sound system

Scary Stranger 3D gives players the experience really new and exciting. First, come to the graphics of this game, the game was released by the cartoon graphics ideas. Although the game is aimed at animated images, the particular highlight of Scary Stranger 3D comes from the game’s extremely high 3D graphics. Therefore, the game will give users a spacious 3-dimensional space and very flattering eyes of players. Besides the visual focus, the game is also very focused on the sound. The game will also add significant sound effects suitable for each actual experience of the player in the game. And when you’re playing a game, try to add a headset connected to your mobile device, so “Scary Stranger 3D” can give you the best audio quality experience.

Scary Stranger 3D APK Download

Scary Stranger 3D MOD APK 5.1.41 Download Latest Version 2021

Scary Stranger 3D MOD APK Download

Scary and fun at the same time

Are you bored with yourself and want to seek separate pleasures? So it would be great if you could help Bob to do his hobby. Perform humorous tasks and try to complete it to cause trouble for the old neighbor. Show us what your mischievous ability is when it comes to Scary Stranger 3D.

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