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Mod Features:

1. Unlimited Money
2. Unlimited Gems
3. Unlimited Skill Points


Do you want to be a superhero protecting the beautiful city? Rope Hero 3 will give you those exciting experiences and destroy the enemies to protect your loved ones in the beautiful city where you live. Show your ability to make people recognize you. Let’s explore and experience these exciting things together.

Rope Hero 3 MOD APK

Rope Hero 3Zula Mobile MOD APK

Rope Hero 3 APK


Players have to control one of our superheroes whose purpose is to protect the city from bandits and enemies and keep the city a peaceful and stable environment. Bandits and reactionaries are lurking around the city, be it a resident of the city or can be a fearsome beggar. They will use different stealth tactics to steal wealth as well as destroy the city.

Rope Hero 3 APK Download

Show yourself as a peaceful superhero; use the means of transportation to catch them with the fastest possible purpose. Players should use the most outstanding features to equip themselves with what is needed to smooth the enemy’s smooth defeat. Use teleport moves, kick punches to be able to destroy them more easily.

Rope Hero 3 MOD APK Download

Rope Hero 3


This is the highlight of the game Rope Hero 3 because these features will make the game enjoyable, attract players, and score deeply in each person’s eyes. In the game, the player has the feature to choose accessories to help our hero disguise himself to look for enemies such as a bird’s hat, helmet… in addition; he can also choose himself—support weapons such as long guns, sniper rifles, … to destroy enemies faster.

The cars are the weapons of modern equipment to help us eliminate the enemy more quickly, so consider choosing carefully before fighting. The form of counterattack is also the most popular form that players often apply. It will be divided into different levels; each level is a story as well as a different type of battle that requires us to be alert and wise to choose.

Rope Hero 3


Rope Hero 3 uses 3D images to make our hero stand out most of all, the colors are relatively harmonious, and the proportions are focused. Sharpness and clear representation of each object are one of the factors that game programmers invest in and appreciate the most. In addition, diverse sound with many typical background music helps the game not be boring and attracts many customers who want to conquer this excitement.

A mini-map will help you understand what lies in this city; rely on that map to know the way and the shortcuts and turns of the city to help you easily travel and easily use the rope to get to another place faster. In addition, you can get a first aid kit, weapons, bullets of coins, and crystals to assist you in first aid when injured, refuel when needed, and use defense when needed.

The attraction and fun that Rope Hero 3 brings to you are enough for you to feel. So let’s play, experience, and learn these exciting things. So what are you waiting for? Explore the game with your friends and find out many interesting things inside of this game?

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