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A game with utterly idle gameplay that brings you to a place that will impress you the first time you experience it is Prison Empire Tycoon. Players will manage a huge area with many factors affecting its development. So you will find ways to use what you have to care about aspects of the prisoners and, from there, earn more money. At the same time, besides cash inflow, the rational use of money is also an essential factor.

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK Download Latest Version 2021Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK

Prison Empire Tycoon APK


When you experience Prison Empire Tycoon, you will experience a completely new and exciting role but always require skill on the part of the prison manager. With this prison, you will find ways to collect as much money from the government and build more new elements to attract more prisoners to stay. So, during the game, you will spend time paying attention to what goes on inside the game, from prisoners to working staff.

Prison Empire Tycoon APK Download

You will be communicating with a police officer, and this person acts as a guide for you throughout the game. Specifically, he will explain why you should care about many things inside this game and tips on spending money. So you will need to observe these tips carefully and not overlook any critical factors. Players can also find information that is prominent in this character’s words.

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK Download

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK Download Latest Version 2021

It is a game that focuses entirely on the idle element to see everything in a completely inclusive way, similar to RTS titles. You can move to any end you want, and you will be stunned that the prison you manage is huge. Specifically, this is also wholly understandable when there will be many different areas in it; they can all be affected by the player, such as the prisoner’s room or the kitchen area.


In Prison Empire Tycoon, players will indeed wonder why they should care about the experiences of prisoners. Specifically, corresponding to each prisoner, players will receive a certain fee when they enter this prison. The fees you receive are completely related to the individual words and covered by the government. In other words, if your prison, more and more inmates come to stay and are always stable, then you will make more money.

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK Download Latest Version 2021

It is also the reason that players will need to care about the experience of each prisoner. Specifically, each word has its personality index, and this is also a characteristic element of this game. You will manage them and care about them through the colors that indicate the mood of these characters. So if unfortunately, they have any problems like riots, then they will be moved to another place, and for sure you won’t be able to make much money.


As noted above, the prisoner experience is crucial as it ensures the money you get from government subsidies. The longer these prisoners stay with you, the more money you will earn. When you click on the information of these prisoners, you will see where the stats are and even if the stats are in short supply. Immediately, you will need to take relevant measures to ensure they are back to normal.

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK Download Latest Version 2021

If these prisoners are feeling stressed, you need to add some elements that can help them feel comfortable, and of course, this investment makes perfect sense as you will immediately see the amount of growth of money that will increase. Although you are the manager of a central prison, you will not be able to do some elements. So you can solve this problem by hiring employees for each position like chef or security guard.


Players will experience the common feature that any game with idle gameplay has. Specifically, with a certain number of rooms, you will probably only receive a certain number of prisoners. So your job is to use your money and expand more cells to add more prisoners to stay. At the same time, after that, you continue to upgrade these rooms to increase comfort and make sure the amount you receive will ultimately increase.

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK Download Latest Version 2021

This factor helps you open up a larger scale for your prison, but it also entails other factors to be concerned about. In particular, you will need to clearly define which investments will be profitable and which will cost you money. The element that makes it easy for players to earn money is the cell and interior upgrades. At the same time, the employees you hire back are a factor that costs you money. So it poses a problem of rational spending.

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