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Mod Features:

  • Location removed
  • Languages removed
  • Read phone removed
  • Analytics disabled
  • Size reduced vs original
  • Server-side ad breaks disabled
  • Some permissions/services removed

Mod2 extra below:

  • Permission prompts disabled to help parse errors on some newer devices


Popcornflix brings millions of free movies with a powerful, handy design, recommending viewers the best shows.

Popcornflix MOD APK

Popcornflix is a tremendous free movie-watching app for mobile devices. This is a premium application for those passionate about watching movies on the phone, from movies to series; notably, the application is entirely free. Just holding your Android mobile phone or tablet, you can watch all your favorite movies; of course, you must install our application.Darts of Fury MOD APK

Popcornflix APK

Popcornflix™- Movies.TV.Free Popcornflix™- Movies.TV.Free Popcornflix™- Movies.TV.Free


The movie library of the application contains more than 700 of the best movies waiting for users to discover and experience; everything is immediately and free. After downloading the application to your computer, you do not need to pay any fee. A world of top-quality cinema is now at your fingertips. From all movies, programs such as Romantic Movies, Comedies; family, children; drama, action, horror, fiction, documentary, and more. Films starring Hollywood stars such as Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds, Kristen Stewart, and Olivia Wilde. Many short or long films, full of genres from the movies released each year.

Popcornflix APK Download


After you download the application to your device with the motto from the beginning, the application is free to users, so you do not need to pay any costs. There is no need to register for an account. Even in the application, there is no need to upgrade or anything; the movies in the application are provided for free. Currently, most movie viewing applications are charged by users but do not necessarily bring significant quality to viewers. With that situation, we have released this application to solve this problem.

Popcornflix MOD APK Download

As an optimal solution, a reliable place for you to choose entertainment after tiring working hours, a relaxing weekend with loved ones. A huge library of more than 700 of the best movies of all time, providing those looking for a quality movie source, with a few rapid steps you can follow the episode instantly. You are guaranteed for viewers of all ages, including many movies, to fully meet users’ viewing needs. Viewers do not need to worry when the application does not have enough movie programs to enjoy watching. It continuously updates a large number of movies in the library.

Popcornflix™- Movies.TV.Free Popcornflix™- Movies.TV.Free


The application interface is designed and arranged intelligently and scientifically, ensuring that users can easily find their favorite movies. The movies with the highest views are arranged on top of the application. Images and fonts are arranged according to user’s habits, making it convenient for users to see and select movies. The selected colors for the application’s arrangement are quite eye-catching, easy to reach when there is a friendly and scientific interface.

The app always encourages users to watch movies as much as possible, so the app will definitely not limit the number of movies you want to watch. You can enjoy watching movies without worrying about being limited. Usually, the movies in the applications will limit the number of movies that users want to watch to a certain number of movies they have to pay to upgrade the application if they want to continue watching. This is really annoying for users, many users have complained, but you can completely rest assured about the problem completely free for our application.


Besides, the movies are always updated fastest in the library, ensuring to meet users’ needs, every hour and minute in the library are continuously updated with the latest movies. Famous classic movies or even the latest movies attract a large audience, all of which are quickly synthesized by the admin. You need to download the application, go to the search bar and search for the title of the movie you want to watch, and you are ready to watch your favorite movie. Are you prepared to enjoy the best movie movies, thoroughly prepare your Popcorn and feel, together with us, enjoy FLIX in the best possible way?

Think about something that you have not yet downloaded right to your device, watch your favorite movies with friends and relatives, enjoy relaxing moments with your loved ones. On weekends, you and your loved ones sit in the living room watching a movie, which is really happy and cozy. Hopefully, the application will make users most satisfied, making the moments of relaxation even more fun and exciting. If you have any feedback or suggestions about the application, please send comments to the mailbox. We will try to update the best.

Popcornflix Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.curiousbrain.popcornflix&hl=en%27


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