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3.3.0 b180
3.3.0 b180
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The current art of photo editing has been recognized as one of the most striking and prominent art industries, as it always offers viewers great works, and it isn’t easy to distinguish true or false. Not only that, but hundreds of photo editors are also born, and each of them has a unique feature to give users the most useful benefits while editing photos. However, today I will introduce you to a great photo editor, PickU, a professional app for removing backgrounds to give users the best photo material. Not only that, but it also features Double Exposure, which helps users blend photos to create a masterpiece of art.


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Not everyone is a professional photographer; even many people will spend a lot of time learning and getting acquainted with photography. For this reason, PickU will have a simple and user-friendly interface; even if they are not a photographer, it is enough to master all available functions. That is also a feature that makes this app stand out from the rest, as it features a beautiful, well-organized interface and is easily mastered with just a few minutes of use. Not only that, but users can easily move between categories with a special scroll bar or swipe gestures. The interface of PickU will also be flexible, as it both has a gallery interface, an editing interface, and users can personalize the application in the user settings

PickU APK Download

PickU (Pro Unlocked)

PickU MOD APK Download


PickU is a simple and user-friendly photo editor, but it has a special feature that makes it trusted by professional photographers. It’s the ability to remove backgrounds with simple steps, and you’ll save a lot of time with this feature. Not only that, but it is also programmed with an intelligent built-in AI, with the ability to remove background with the highest accuracy, even small details can be processed. Furthermore, the application will give the user two options in removing the background, which is automatic and manual removal. The automatic remove feature will scan all non-human objects, and the manual removal feature will allow users to remove everything via AI. With such smart background removal, photo editing will be simpler than ever.

PickU (Pro Unlocked)


The pictures that are perfectly stitched using a model as a cover and the natural surroundings enveloped in them are Double Exposure. And surprisingly, PickU has such a feature, even simplified to be user-friendly. However, if the user wants a perfect Double Exposure, they need to have a photo of the material with the background removed, and an image of nature or landscape theme. The application then automatically merges the two things, and the user completes the final stages of the editing process by themselves. Besides, users can add special effects, making the Double Exposure effect even more prominent.

PickU (Pro Unlocked)


PickU is a photo editor whose main function is the Background Removal and Double Exposure, but the editor is also equally special. Furthermore, the photo editor has a unique interface and has functions that can be hidden or shown to expand the workspace for the user. A lot of scrollbars will appear on the screen for the user to quickly select any tool immediately. The application promises to bring users all modern conveniences and hundreds of special editing tools that other photo editors do not have. Of course, the editing features will also work with the built-in AI, making the user’s work more straightforward.

PickU (Pro Unlocked)

Besides, users will be supported with special editing tools, with hundreds of different functions, such as brush, eraser, cut, merge, and even exposure. There are loads of things for users to explore and experience, and the app ensures that users always have the functionality needed to create the best photos.


If you are someone who tends to be funny and social, you may want to use stickers or emojis to make your photos more humorous. Yes, in “PickU,” it has a huge free emoji library, hundreds of different genres, and even a search engine for users to find whatever they love.

PickU (Pro Unlocked)

PickU can be viewed as one of the most professional photo editors thanks to two special features, Background Removal, and Double Exposure. Moreover, it also has a library of effects, filters, tools, emojis, and stickers, providing users with all the widgets they need to create the best collages.

PickU Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.swifthawk.picku.free


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