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  • Unlimited money;

(Unlock the car for the first time to receive)


Until now, almost every time mention of car-related games, almost everyone would think of racing games. But not every game is like that; many games are related to cars but not racing. Park Master is one such game; this game belongs to the puzzle genre, a prevalent genre. This game will be related to one thing that a lot of people have trouble with it, which is parking, something very different for players to experience.

Park Master MOD APK

Park Master (MOD, Unlimited Money/Key) ***SuperStar BTS APK MOD APK

Park Master APK

Incredible combination

One is a car, the other is a puzzle, there must be a lot of people who think that this combination is an impossible thing, but this game proves the opposite. Not just a simple combination, but this game also succeeds in giving players a new experience for players to enjoy. That’s something very few games can do, if players want something new, this game is the answer.

Park Master APK Download

Simple gameplay but challenging to solve

The gameplay of the game has nothing to make players feel confusing; all that players need to do is use their fingers to swipe. But the problem that players need to solve is “how to draw exactly?”. And that is also the only question that the player must find the answer to pass that stage. But each stage will have a different answer, and the player needs to find the answer to that stage to complete it. Players will see four cars and four rectangular boxes with four colors: red, yellow, green, and blue. The player’s task is to draw a line to connect cars and the boxes of the same color. After the player has finished drawing the last line, the cars will follow what the player draws at the same speed.

Park Master MOD APK Download

The important thing is not to have those cars collide; if they hit, the player will have to start from the beginning. If they reach the same colored rectangle, the player has completed the stages. But to keep all four cars from colliding with the other and reaching the finish line, players need to calculate a lot. Just a little mistake, the player will have to start all over again.

Park Master (MOD, Unlimited Money/Key) ***
Diverse stages for players to experience

Although there is a maximum of four cars, not every stage has all four colors. Some states only have two or even one for the player to draw. Such stages will often have something special like drawing in a certain pattern so that the car moves in that shape.

Make money in stages

In most states, there are coins arranged on the map, and when the car passes through them, the player will receive that coin. Therefore, players need to find a way to draw cars so that they can pass through all those coins to receive them.

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