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Mod Features:

  • All weapons unlocked.

To equip it, you need:

  1. In the main menu, click in the lower-left corner on the Equipment button
  2. Select the desired weapon slot
  3. Select the desired weapon and click on the Equip button in the lower right corner (nothing may happen – it should be, you can go back, open the same slot again and check that the weapon is equipped)


Outfire: Multiplayer Online Shooter is a playground dedicated to shooting fans. Players will become legendary names in exhilarating battles. Typical of a shooting game in the 3rd person perspective, players will be free to control their modern gun. Not only fighting alone, but participants can also perform tasks with brothers and friends. The game promises to bring excitement after tedious and tiring moments.

Outfire: Multiplayer Online Shooter MOD APK

Outfire: Multiplayer online shooterMy Time at Portia MOD APK

Outfire: Multiplayer Online Shooter APK


An exciting game is always creating for players to enjoy and want to conquer. Not only satisfying that, but Outfire also brings many attractive features. And what will be the main task of the player here? Players will become influential shooters to be able to control their guns. With high precision, the player must constantly change the perspective while performing the mission.

Outfire: Multiplayer Online Shooter APK Download

With the game’s pace quite fast, participants need to equip themselves with the skills to observe and move flexibly. As a shooting action game, the player’s movements are also required to be fast and decisive. In the face of a large and strong enemy, participants need a smart strategy. Combined with tactics, players will be provided with a variety of weapons to fight. Becoming a golden name in the shooting combats is not difficult if the player has good and reasonable situational skills.

Outfire: Multiplayer Online Shooter MOD APK Download

Outfire: Multiplayer online shooter


One of the outstanding elements of the game that is sought after by participants is the over-the-top images. First mentioned are the main characters, each of which is equipped with a different outfit. The impressive point for players is the unique facial details of the characters. The characters will have a body like an average person combined with a quite funny and funny face.

Specifically, the character will have the face of a chicken, corn, or even a lovely rabbit,… Perhaps this is one of the details that brings the highlight of the game. The publisher also portrays the effects of explosions and mines in an eye-catching way. The system of player protection tools, modern weapons are built very diverse and complete. A colorful game world made up of many of the elements mentioned above.

Outfire: Multiplayer online shooter


What will make it easy for a player to become a famous character in this game? Outfire is a shooting game, but participants need to combine many skills to become a legend. The game happens extremely fast, and the player must also blend in with that atmosphere. Rushing to attack, using real guns is definitely what players need to do. Whether it is a long shot or a close shot, the player controls his gun precisely.

Not stopping at shooting, players need to have skills to dodge the opponent’s bullets by observing and moving. Participants need to master manipulating their character when walking, standing, running, and jumping while performing the task. In addition, players can also take advantage of bushes, big boxes to hide while fighting. To be able to kill a large number of enemies, the player can throw a bomb in a particular area.

Outfire: Multiplayer online shooter


To be able to bring success like today, the game always gives participants many attractive features. Shooting a gun alone is too boring, right? Outfire allows players to participate in bloody matches with friends. Players will create a team playing with members who are their close friends. During the course of the mission, the more opponents the player kills, the more bonuses they will receive.

The amount of bonuses players can use to upgrade their guns to fight more effectively. Participants will be able to fight online with other players around the world. Each participant will prove their ability through fierce and thrilling gun battles. The game gives players two extremely unique new game modes: King of the Hill and Data Heist.

Constantly listening to players’ contributions, Outfire always updates new weapons and maps. Transforming into a shooting warrior, players can satisfy their passion for fighting on the bloody battlefield. Participants can also create a gun with their own style to serve in combat. Players will be adventures on different battlefields while fighting with the enemy. Make use of your extraordinary gun control skills and join the fun with your friends!

Outfire: Multiplayer Online Shooter Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mytona.outgun


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