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Mod Features:

1. Endless blood volume
2. Not hungry
3. Full of morale
4. High melee weapon damage
5. No infection
6. faster attack speed
7. Bullets are endless
8. durable
9. The game speed exceeds the original 2 times


Mini DayZ 2 (Menu MOD) challenges you in a wild world of viruses; only you can save humanity’s survival.

Mini DayZ 2 MOD APK

Mini DayZ 2 is a highly tactical game platform that requires the player’s thinking and judgment. This game is also considered as one of the terrain fighting games. This game fully converges all the factors that help players satisfy an entertaining game platform’s needs, bringing relaxation and comfort for all users to participate in the experience. Besides, the game is also one of the platforms for players to promote their thinking ability and creativity. Join to experience and explore this game. You will surely be satisfied with the quality as well as the features that the game brings.GT: Speed ​​Club MOD APK

Mini DayZ 2 APK

Mini DayZ 2

Mini DayZ 2 APK Download


This is a special game, friend so that the Mini DayZ 2 game context is also more special than ever. Different from similar game platforms available on the market today, this game gives players a fascinating and unique context, making players have to focus and engage with the game. This is also one of the impressive highlights that this game brings to players. The game takes place at a time when the world became chaotic by a virus. This is a deadly virus that is raging worldwide, bringing death everywhere, making this world doom. Everything in this world has to run away from this virus because its spread is speedy. Wild animals have to run. The people who are surviving in this world have to run to escape from imminent death. All civilizations in the world are collapsed. All periods will end here.

Mini DayZ 2 MOD APK Download

This is fiction that no one wants to happen. So you must fight this virus to save humanity from destruction. This is your ultimate mission when participating in this game. To complete this mission is extremely difficult. The game context will take you on a speedy and continuous process, requiring players to focus and have an extremely flexible judgment because everything around you can be a virus infection.

Mini DayZ 2


Currently, the Mini DayZ 2 game has been a lot of users everywhere to experience and use it. All players, when participating in this game, must meet survivors. They are one of the excellent help for you. You will become the main character and will be the brave leader of everyone. From there, you lead your army against this deadly virus. An essential task that players need to perform when participating in this game is building and developing their operational base.

Besides, you also have to build a strong community and full of fighting spirit. These are the most basic foundations that help set the stage for the fight against viruses. Food and resources in this game are one of the critical and essential things, and it will help you and your army maintain life as well as energize to be able to participate in all war. Please note that players need to maintain their health; you can go through the application to monitor your health and your army, creating extremely high morale and immunity.

Mini DayZ 2


When participating in every battle in the game Mini DayZ 2, players need to set up and form for themselves the most optimal fighting strategies so that they can gain an advantage in each battle. It would be best if you embarked on a raid immediately to find and retrieve supplies. Through these supplies, players can easily upgrade their base and army most powerfully.

Planting trees is also one of the most unique and exciting tactical elements. Planting trees will help the player to tame the wilds, creating a substantial defense barrier. Especially in this game, you need to unlock all the widgets to create the most optimal weapons, along with a lot of protective gear to help protect yourself.

Mini DayZ 2


When participating in the game Mini DayZ 2 experience, you will be provided with many different maps, and there will be thousands of maps for players to explore. Every map has challenges and threats that are always lurking around. The most important thing that players need to remember is to prepare everything carefully, be brave in every situation, and do not forget the golden rule in the game.

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