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Users know Master as a unique screen recorder for mobile phones and a powerful video editing tool. This is one of the most outstanding applications today that owns those two special features simultaneously. Although possessing two completely different aspects, the application knows how to reconcile the two to create its own characteristics. Get this great application right away to serve you both in work and in life.

Master Screen Recorder MOD APK

Master Screen Recorder, EditorKnives Out MOD APK

Master Screen Recorder APK


We wouldn’t feel strange if the app used a screen recorder, right? But unique in that Master combines traditional screen recording elements combined with emotion recording, using the face camera to record your own face at that time. This application has hit the psychology of users wanting to own a modern multi-dimensional application like that. Very suitable for modern users with jobs such as presentations, meetings, etc.

Master Screen Recorder APK Download

Master Screen Recorder, Editor Master Screen Recorder, Editor

In addition, the application’s superlative video editing feature cannot be ignored. From simple edits to sophisticated ones, Master can serve you wholeheartedly and thoughtfully. And what’s more, the app gives you the privilege to control video quality and customize it right on your phone while recording. This saves us a lot of time.

Master Screen Recorder MOD APK Download


Have you come across the shake to stop feature in an app yet? The uniqueness of shaking the screen to stop recording is a new feature to mention in Master. You can customize each original recording, choose the face camera to record your own emotions, words and actions. There will be a unique combination of the sound inside the device with the sound outside to create a complete whole.

Master Screen Recorder, Editor Master Screen Recorder, Editor Master Screen Recorder, Editor


Master will also have all the features of editing a video like other applications, but more specifically, it divides into each editing level to shorten the search time. Colorful background, landscape, … gives you the feeling of being immersed somewhere. Editing each contour of the face, appearance, and surrounding landscape are some of the big plus points of the application. Optional additional effects in the application to increase the liveliness. Combining with music is also a big attraction in the application.

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