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Make More is a game that many enthusiasts have become interested in the game. It simulates scenes in an office, and workers are doing all kinds of unique and strange things, from rubber ducks to skull decorations; your task in this game is to make money. Simple gameplay will help those who like to be the boss of wealth to satisfy their desires when participating in the game.

Make More! – Idle Manager MOD APK

Make More! – Idle Manager Make More! – Idle Manager


Take on the role of a boss, and your only job in the entire game is to sit still on your desk. And your mission in this game is to hire new artisans to increase the amount you earn per click. To make money, you need products, and to make products, you need workers and make them work faster. When you hire a new worker, the mechanic will start with little experience and low productivity. So spend small amounts of money on training your craftsmen for skills then recoup more significant amounts leisurely. Be the powerful boss in Make More.112 Operator MOD APK

Make More! – Idle Manager APK


As you get rich and want to get richer, you build new factories, train more workers to create more new products. Through the Make More game process, players need to complete all assigned factories to gain the honor of getting bonus badges and having fun of being a big boss. With the money you get from selling your products, you can buy new industrial zones; you will recruit many characters in the game, all of which will produce non-stop production to make you richer.

Make More! – Idle Manager APK Download

Make More! – Idle Manager Make More! – Idle Manager


Each factory that you build will produce its products. For example, the Circus factory has products such as cakes and lollipops, and the Farm factory produces agricultural products. Make More will create you as many plants as you want.

Make More! – Idle Manager MOD APK Download

Through the levels, your manager will convert the item you are producing; it will make you not bored because you can have more new products, you need to keep pressing, pressing, Press to continue production for your business to be more prosperous.


When in the process directing to production staff. You will receive surprise gift boxes to help cheer you up to increase your productivity. You will become rich faster when the boss gets a cup of coffee. And watch your workers become more diligent with disco-inspired music. Of course, there is only one purpose of making more products. However, you can also use your money to upgrade your workers to produce more in the shorter working hours, thereby increasing your income, making more money for yourself.

You want to be a boss quickly. Make More is a simple game to help you make your dreams. You can play leisurely without having to worry about getting killed or fighting. Just work more each day to create a variety of different objects. It is an entertaining conventional game with graphics, many types of characters, products to produce—an ideal match for you to relax sufficient killing time that you need to have in your device.

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