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Major Mayhem was inspired by the Contra game series but has been greatly upgraded to bring more new experiences.

Major Mayhem MOD APK

The player will play the role of General, a very strong warrior who has become a general. He had a great deal of military power in his hand, so to threaten him, Forces of Evil had kidnapped his lover. He could not dispatch a government army just to rescue a single person. So the only choice for him is to find and rescue his lover by himself. Although he did not have any assistance, with the strength of a warrior who once owned the school, will he succeed or not? Let’s find out that in this game.Hawaii Match-3 MOD APK

Major Mayhem APK

Major Mayhem MOD APK 10 Download Latest Version 2021

Major Mayhem APK Download

At the beginning of the game, the player will be transported by helicopter of his allies to the battle location. The Forces of Evil army is full of highly skilled ninjas, so it will be difficult to kill them. Players who first play this game will find it similar to the game “Time Crisis”, the gameplay of the game is also very simple to learn. The player does not have to control his character to move around the map to destroy enemies but simply click on an enemy to attack. But do not underestimate this game, because it is not easy to practice.

Major Mayhem MOD APK Download

Major Mayhem MOD APK 10 Download Latest Version 2021

Players have two styles, different game which is immobile and mobile, the mobile game will be more difficult should only appear in the later stages. Initially, the player will hide in a certain position to avoid the attack of the army. When the enemy attacks the player, it is best to hide so as not to lose HP. When they start to have loopholes, the player can click on them to attack and destroy them. If the player does it correctly then things will become a lot easier. The more accurate the shot, the higher the player’s score will be. So try to destroy the enemy as accurately as possible to easily achieve high scores.

Major Mayhem MOD APK 10 Download Latest Version 2021

The second is the mobile play, which means the character will constantly move forward to the finish line. During the move, there will be enemies suddenly appearing to attack the player. Players need to have a quick reflex to take down the enemies before they attack the player. This style requires the player to have a good reflex to kill the enemy.

Major Mayhem MOD APK 10 Download Latest Version 2021

In the process that the player attacks the enemy, there will also be mines appear and the player must not attack them. Because if a player attacks them, the points accumulated by the player will be severely deducted. So do not shoot hostage no matter what the case if the player does not want the points that he accumulated to be deducted.

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