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Mod Features:

  • Free Premium Choices

(Premium choices and free choices will look the same so just make a choice the interests).


  1. You can read the chapter for free and never consume your ticket (make sure you hit the back button after you complete any chapter and then select the chapter again)
  2. If you just hit the next chapter after you finish the previous one then your keys will get deducted

Cre: Vipmod


Love Choice (MOD, Premium Choices) is an interactive game filled with sweet but tragic love stories for players to turn and decide their fates with various directions.

Love Choice MOD APK

Exciting stories of different genres are waiting for you inside Love Choice, and you will be a part of that world. Players will spend a certain amount of time experiencing each of the different stories, which offers an exciting and unique experience. So they will be able to experience the game on their own as many possibilities can happen inside the world of the game.Plex Premium MOD APK

Love Choice APK

Love Choice MOD APK 0.7.5 Download Latest Version 2021 Love Choice MOD APK 0.7.5 Download Latest Version 2021


The stories appear before the player’s eyes in a thoroughly engaging way as they will watch these characters interact with each other, and information will gradually emerge. It can be considered a feature of storytelling because the interactions with the characters will ultimately help the player know what is going on. In addition, it also evokes a feeling of not being bored and urges players to go to different levels, and certainly, the environment in the game will continually change.

Love Choice APK Download

Those are just provincial images that appear with the characters’ dialogue, and it will always change to create a new experience for players. At the same time, you also cannot ignore the appearance of the characters, and certainly, during the game, you will be able to have feelings for a specific character. Players also have the opportunity to change the appearance of the character they control. Although it does not change the story’s outcome much, the player still focuses on the character’s appearance.

Love Choice MOD APK Download


As mentioned above, players will experience Love Choice, where there are stories that you can easily find. So you will go from one story chapter to another, and the process will take a certain amount of time. But each story has its exciting touches, and any player must step through that climax to ultimately make his or her choices. You are a part of this game and the one who decides what is going to happen.

Love Choice MOD APK 0.7.5 Download Latest Version 2021 Love Choice MOD APK 0.7.5 Download Latest Version 2021

The characters continue to interact with each other until there is a specific problem that you must solve. Through the information you receive through the chat, you will make your own decisions to make progress inside this game. The requests come in the form of questions with related choices, and for the most part, they will be opposite paths. At the same time, each option does not have any suggested elements for the player.

The hint element like what appears after you choose does not appear in this game at all. So the only way you need to do that is to make choices that you feel are appropriate for the current situation. You won’t be able to skip anything if you want a choice that fits your direction towards the story. In some cases, you will know which selection can cause points in the enemy’s eyes and increase the score in the heart box of each character.


When you experience a storytelling game, then you will be excited about the experiences that this game can bring to you. Those are the stories that Love Choice brings, all of which have their own and common characteristics that you will spend a lot of time experiencing. In general, these stories will take a certain amount of time to experience because a story often has many chapters; when combined with gameplay, it is difficult for you to complete the story quickly.

It can be considered a paradise for story lovers because these stories all have their unique content and genres. Specifically, you can go to a time in the present to observe the characters’ emotions; sometimes, you can also go back to medieval France. In addition, supernatural entities like vampires also have their own stories inside Love Choice. So your experience will always change.

Love Choice MOD APK 0.7.5 Download Latest Version 2021 Love Choice MOD APK 0.7.5 Download Latest Version 2021


When you come to the world of Love Choice, then you will spend time exploring the more miniature worlds inside the game. In addition, the fact that you explore once will sometimes not be the way for you to know what can happen inside this game. That comes from the fact that you make choices, and anyone will be curious about what will happen if you choose the other option. So that will be the factor that makes players re-experience the story they like over and over again.

For a game that focuses entirely on the story, it certainly won’t be too demanding in terms of device configuration. Specifically, you only need a stable device with an average configuration to experience this game. Besides the images and transition effects, the application does not have too many things that affect the device’s performance when operating the game. It can be said that it gives you an ultimately soothing experience, and you will love to immerse yourself in that world.

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