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Japanese manga style games have always attracted gamers around the world. There are a lot of people who love manga and anime, so developers in Japan often invest heavily in this segment. Recently, a manga-style game from the publisher of Bandai Namco was released. The game is called LayereD Stories 0. Speaking of this name, the Japanese may no longer be unfamiliar, because LayereD Stories 0 has been released on PC platform since 2016. The game LayereD Stories 0 has received many positive reviews from the players. So Bandai Namco has released LayereD Stories 0 version for mobile phones running iOS and Android.

LayereD Stories 0 MOD APK

LayereD Stories 0 MOD APK 1.7.1 Download Latest Version 2021Idle Royale Tycoon MOD APK

LayereD Stories 0 APK

LayereD Stories 0 APK is a role-playing action game. Coming to LayereD Stories 0, players will enter the future world of Shibuya. By 2037, the world was completely different, modern technology, fast and convenient global trend. You will be playing a character of your choice, customized according to your preferences. In addition to training yourself, your style will have many tasks to perform. There will be many people challenging you, beat them quickly. Each person will have a bar showing blood, after a hit, you will lose a certain amount of blood. When your opponent runs out of blood, you win.

LayereD Stories 0 APK Download

LayereD Stories 0 MOD APK 1.7.1 Download Latest Version 2021

LayereD Stories 0 MOD APK Download

LayereD Stories 0 gives the player a story, which is to bring the world in the right direction. The world is slowly being destroyed by people who do not know how to love humanity. You will be the one who defeats the minds of these people, helping to make the future world 2037 a reality. LayereD Stories 0 offers you not only an offline gaming experience but also an online mode. Players can challenge each other; the best will be on the top of the world rankings. Complete the task and challenge the other opponents to earn money. Money can help you equip more weapons, clothes, unlock new enemies.

LayereD Stories 0 MOD APK 1.7.1 Download Latest Version 2021

The game is a fun game action, with a lot of different types of play. Even if your phone is small, you can easily control the character. The gameplay of this game is straightforward and easy to identify, just follow the instructions. The image in the game more detailed but not tangled, users can observe easily. The top 3D graphics of LayereD Stories 0 make the game clearer, and the motion in the game becomes smoother.

LayereD Story 0 is an action-packed, action-packed game from Japan. If you are interested in this game can be downloaded on the application market of Japan or the Play Store.

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