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A large beautiful world of Infinite Flight – Flight Simulator opens up before the player’s eyes as they can experience a pilot’s job and perform different jobs for a stable flight. There will be many interesting but equally challenging elements for players to explore, and indeed, any player needs to master them. At the same time, routes around the world and high-class aircraft are waiting for you to experience.

Infinite Flight MOD APK

Infinite Flight MOD APK 21.04 Download Latest Version 2021Makeover Master MOD APK

Infinite Flight APK


Any player will love the unique environments that appear in Infinite Flight. You will experience the exciting position and fly to the area you want on the map. At the same time, you will undoubtedly be surprised at the vastness of the environment that this game brings, and it will take a little while to get to the place you want. During that time, you can do many things you want, such as changing the perspective.

Infinite Flight APK Download

Infinite Flight MOD APK 21.04 Download Latest Version 2021

Infinite Flight MOD APK Download

At the beginning of the game, you will control the plane from a third-person perspective and different functions to help the plane take off. So you can see what’s going on during your flight and change the view to your liking. For example, you can see everything through the pilot’s eyes and see the cockpit’s interior. This change is often used to bring different experiences that each perspective can get to the player.


Players can experience this game and choose the environments that they can access. Each domain corresponds to the different countries you can find. So you can change your experience when choosing your favorite setting and making your flights in the game. At the same time, you will get a specific map to navigate your flight path and fly there accurately through the game’s functions.

Infinite Flight MOD APK 21.04 Download Latest Version 2021

The game’s environment is entirely realistic as you can know the take-off and landing of an aircraft, and it is all done with precision. At the same time, you will have yourself a map where you know your flight routes and orient them on the map. So the environment will always change according to your flight, and you can see an immense sky during the game. It can be said that you will entirely focus on the game screen of this game.


When players experience Infinite Flight for the first time, they will undoubtedly feel entirely overwhelmed because there are many functions that you will need to adapt. For example, it’s the aircraft’s energy bar at the far left and regulates fuel consumption. So, you will need to change it to allow the plane to fly or descend in some cases safely. At the same time, there are many factors that you will be able to take care of.

Infinite Flight MOD APK 21.04 Download Latest Version 2021

The speed, altitude, and other parameters are all in front of your eyes, and they are not fixed parameters. In other words, depending on the state of the aircraft, you will have for yourself the necessary stat changes. But it is not a continuous process, and the player can sometimes change to discover specific influences on the aircraft and make reasonable adjustments. In addition, this game also supports players to fly automatically.

As mentioned above, for some factors, you can change them to ensure a stable take-off process. So, during flight, you can let the aircraft maintain stability by pressing the AP button to help the aircraft achieve automatic flight status. You will be able to explore several other elements in this state. At the same time, when you arrive, you will need to open the wheels of the plane and make speed adjustments, along with lowering the aircraft’s energy and waiting for the plane to come to a complete stop.

Infinite Flight MOD APK 21.04 Download Latest Version 2021


Your experience in Infinite Flight is mainly unchanged, but there will be many exciting environments around the world that will prompt you to explore. At the same time, during automatic flight or normal mode, you must make sure to mark the routes you will go through to make the flight process stable. Then you start taking off and stay steady until you land. For different types of aircraft, there will be several elements that you will be curious to discover.

Infinite Flight MOD APK 21.04 Download Latest Version 2021

With the theme of aviation, planes with many designs are the soul of this game that anyone will want to test drive them. At the same time, similar to the environment, there will be some aircraft that need to meet certain conditions to be able to fly. You can approach many types of aircraft besides the people transport aircraft such as fighter planes. Therefore, each type of aircraft will bring a unique experience for you.

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