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Mod Features:

  • Unlimited coins
  • The sun increase when using


Hawaii Match-3 is a home repair-themed game that brings players to a mansion that was devastated by a hurricane. At the same time, players will be able to see the vastness of the mansion and anyone who wishes to renovate it. In addition, in some cases, you will also face different challenges and have a story waiting for players to discover.

Hawaii Match-3 MOD APK

Hawaii Match-3 Mania Home Design & Matching PuzzleHotel Frenzy MOD APK

Hawaii Match-3 APK


Hawaii Match-3 Mania Home Design & Matching Puzzle revolves around the story of a character named Katie Lockwood, and the story begins when she receives a phone call from her uncle. Her uncle asked to return to the family mansion because of some problems and may have the right to inherit it. At the same time, one of the problems her uncle wanted her to return to was that the mansion was in a pretty bad condition because it had been through a storm. So she quickly flew back to her hometown.

Hawaii Match-3 APK Download

When you arrive, you will see the vastness this mansion can bring to you. You will indeed be surprised at the detail of the environment it can get and how ugly it is after the storm has passed. Specifically, given the vastness of the mansion, any area has problems and items scattered after the storm has passed. Soon, you will see our main character return and begin the process of exploring and repairing her mansion.

Hawaii Match-3 MOD APK Download

Hawaii Match-3 Mania Home Design & Matching Puzzle

One motivating factor for players to experience this game is to repair and bring a certain beauty and change to the object or area that you affect. That gives an unexpected impression when they can see the before and after transformations of a specific object or place. So once you have seen the change, you will continue to make your renovation with other such items to make the environment more beautiful.


Hawaii Match-3 Mania Home Design & Matching Puzzle gives you completely understandable gameplay and accessible to many people. You will play the role of Katie, who receives the inheritance of a vast mansion. So you will have a position that will give it a new look after it has been devastated by the storm and everything in the house is destroyed and cluttered everywhere you can see. You will be able to change the elements one by one in the mansion.

Hawaii Match-3 Mania Home Design & Matching Puzzle

In this game, players will receive a mission through the goals that this game brings through the game screen. You will know what you need to fix inside the house and can reach to change. Specifically, you will receive a sun resource, and for each repair, you will need to spend a sun to be able to start replacing old items with new ones. For the most part, you will have three options and decide to your liking.

Players will receive corresponding options after spending a certain number of stars, and each choice has different characteristics. Each choice gives players an exciting experience when you can see things change with each of your clicks. From there, you can find the category you like, and once you hit yes, you’ll see the change immediately. In addition, there will be some renovations that won’t include any options like vacuuming the floors.


Hawaii Match-3 Mania Home Design & Matching Puzzle owns an enjoyable way to play, but there are also challenges that you will need to overcome, that is, earning enough sun in this game. Unfortunately, this type of resource does not come; naturally, you will need to achieve them through match-three games and win these matches. So over time, the difficulty of match-three games will increase.

Hawaii Match-3 Mania Home Design & Matching Puzzle

The gameplay of these match-three games is entirely understandable that you will match three elements of the same color together and then see them disappear. If you reach more than three elements, the functions of the same color will appear. So, this is no longer a new way of playing for many people, and it is undoubtedly associated with their childhood. But there are still goals that you will need to accomplish at each level, and it can be considered an absolute must.


Throughout the Hawaii Match-3 Mania Home Design & Matching Puzzle, you will undoubtedly be able to see the dialogues of the character Katie and other characters like her uncle. Besides the levels, you have a story behind this mansion related to her family and the people involved. So the player’s experience will constantly change, and these will undoubtedly be great entertainment times.

Hawaii Match-3 Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.g5e.hawaiipg.android


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