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Hamsters: PVP Fight for Freedom is a free game on Google Play based on Android and IOS platforms produced by BFA LTD. The game is an exciting adventure of Hamsters on a journey against evil elf monsters. If you want to join this adventure and duel with dramatic action, try this game right away, it promises not to let you down.

Hamsters: PVP Fight for Freedom MOD APK

Hamsters: PVP Fight for FreedomMars Future MOD APK

Hamsters: PVP Fight for Freedom APK


Hamsters are inspired by completely new lore. The story begins when the planet where we live, it is the Earth itself that is in great danger when ferocious aliens take over and invade its territory. What’s more, they also transform all survivors on Earth into animals to fulfill their purpose of hegemony and many atrocities that we need to stand up against.

Hamsters: PVP Fight for Freedom APK Download

The game will allow you to transform into Hamsters and then form a strong, powerful army with a resilient and brave will to come out with the determined purpose to protect and rescue the Great Globe and fight to destroy the invaders from this space. In addition, during the game, you can also duel with players from all over the world and get the highest achievement to climb the global rankings in this game system.

Hamsters: PVP Fight for Freedom MOD APK Download

Hamsters: PVP Fight for Freedom


Hamsters not only brings new content, but its gameplay is also lovely. Before participating in the battle, your job is to open the box to collect useful items such as guns, swords, spears… each item you receive will show the features and usage of the weapon. Then enter the official duel with the opponent mouse. To win combat, you must use versatile weapons and master offensive and defensive skills.

After each win, you will be given a certain number of rewards, including gold coins and XP; otherwise, if you lose, you will not receive any rewards. Furthermore, at each level will appear opponents with different skills, which means more challenges for you. Therefore, you have to upgrade the weapons and equipment, increase the stats for your mice to increase the maximum power possible to defeat all opponents.

Hamsters: PVP Fight for Freedom


The game also brings a variety of experiences to players by providing a variety of elements. During the campaign, you can fight more than 100 different characters; the more you level up, the more you will have to duel with bigger opponents. Besides, the game also has a highly diverse number of items, including gloves, hats, and weapons with many different colors and shapes that add to the fun of this game.

In addition, you can also experience great gaming moments with the unique auto-battle system, this way; you won’t need to use too many operations but keep track of how the mouse moves. Besides, the game also allows you to upgrade the equipment weapons available in the storage; this is very useful for you because it can increase the fighting power of the mouse and lose less blood.



Hamsters also allow you to participate in essential tournaments in the PVP arena; it will enable you to try out many players worldwide to be able to exchange, learn and make friends. What’s more, when you win these arenas, you will receive terrible rewards to increase your rank on the leaderboard. The game also offers workshops where you can create and improve alien items.

To further challenge the game itself, the game also offers ranked play mechanics, not to bore players after a long-playing process. The outstanding feature that is highly appreciated of this game is the graphic design, the images of the terrain, and the heroes of the Hamster mouse. Its device is depicted in extraordinarily detailed and accurate colors. Extremely eye-catching colors along with funny sounds all combine to form a great game.

Hamsters is an entertaining and fun protein role-playing game. Bringing fresh content with dramatic action scenes and also very eye-catching for players. In addition, the 2D graphics and sound quality combine perfectly. Those are why, despite being out for more than a year, the game is still prolonged and attracts many gamers to participate. If you are passionate about this genre, you should not miss the game but must try it right away.

Hamsters: PVP Fight for Freedom Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bfa.hamsters


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