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Equalizer FX Pro recreates the most vibrant musical moments with EQ and bass booster. Available presets always make a difference.

Equalizer FX Pro MOD APK

Music Equalization is a method that helps to equalize the frequency of each audio track in a song. It also can change the nature of music, from which it divides into many different genres for players to choose from while listening to music. Today, many music players support music equalization, but they still can’t compare with Equalizer FX Pro. It is a specialized application to balance the sound, and it even has a lot of other interesting features for users. This application is not a smart music player, so it can work with the device’s system and adjust the sound intensity to a new level. If you always want to have the best listening experience, this application will be a perfect choice for you.Pure Tuber MOD APK

Equalizer FX Pro APK

Equalizer FX Pro (PAID) ***

Equalizer FX Pro APK Download


When you start listening to a song from any music player, please activate this application and start using it at the same time. The app has a simple and user-friendly interface, ensuring users will have the best experience when using and while listening to music. The main ability of this application is to balance the sound and change the nature of the song. Depending on your music style, use this application to enhance the sound intensity to suit your needs. In other words, the “Equalizer FX” can change the nature of any song you hear, everything that can be edited with one tap.

Equalizer FX Pro MOD APK Download

Equalizer FX Pro (PAID) ***

Besides balancing the audio so that the user has the best listening experience, it also has other features that help the volume of the sound to be completely improved. Whoever of us uses the device’s default speaker is never satisfied with its sound quality. But with the intervention of this application, ensure you will have a completely new thought when using the device’s speakers to play music. This application will change the sound quality to be compatible with the device’s speaker, making the song more clear and bring a whole new experience. The app will even provide users with different usage modes when playing music through the device’s speakers.

Equalizer FX Pro (PAID) ***

Also, Equalizer Fx can enhance the volume level of other systems of the device. Other systems such as media volume, voice volume, system volume, ringtone volume, alarm volume, etc., all sounds are under your control. This application will make the whole sound on your device completely changed, and you can even change it based on your style of use. If you don’t know how to edit audio volume, you can use the application’s six editing modes available. They are called normal mode, music mode, outdoor mode, meeting mode, sleep mode, mute mode, and custom mode. This app will provide everything to keep your audio under control.

Equalizer FX Pro (PAID) ***

Besides the above features, this application will have a multitude of different features for users while listening to music. It will also visualize each audio segment so you can see the difference after converting the volume mode. Equalizer FX will be the most useful tool for you to adjust the sound, if you need listening to music with higher quality, this application will be a perfect choice.

Equalizer FX Pro Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=equalizer.bassbooster.musicplayer.theme.pro&hl=en


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