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Previously defensive game up to now, it still holds a good position in the game market. Such games often get familiar topics like a medieval, world war, myth, …Crazy Defense Heroes is also a game designed with good ideas, image optimization heroes. But this character does not have a thorny appearance but is designed like cute anime characters. In fact, Animoca Brands – the developer of “Crazy Defense Heroes” has used this style a lot in their other games. It can be said that it is already a brand image.

Crazy Defense Heroes MOD APK

Crazy Defense Heroes MOD APK 3.5.4 Download Latest Version 2021Best Fiends MOD APK

Crazy Defense Heroes APK

Dive into a cute fantasy world

Crazy Defense Heroes will be set in a familiar setting. Players will be taken to the realm of evils, where heroes will have the opportunity to express themselves. Everything here is worth destroying, a collection of all evil beings and monsters in this world. Our heroes are not experienced, soldiers. They are just young men with enthusiasm and talent. So, this adventure will have many things worth learning for them, more mature and stronger.

Crazy Defense Heroes APK Download

Crazy Defense Heroes MOD APK 3.5.4 Download Latest Version 2021

Crazy Defense Heroes MOD APK Download

It is a product suitable for many ages because we can see the images in the game are friendly. Although it is a story about medieval wars, it has no horrifying monsters or bloody scenes. The characters in the game are made with Chibi style, including character backgrounds until they go to battle. This synchronization makes the game so light and easy to get used to. Besides, if you look a bit at the battlefield, you will quickly see the game does not try to make things complicated and confusing. Objects, characters, and monsters are all clear, and colors are bright and not overuse of dark colors.

Crazy Defense Heroes MOD APK 3.5.4 Download Latest Version 2021

Over 90 cards to collect!

A realistic player game is already familiar to gamers around the world. They can quickly understand how to play. But Crazy Defense Heroes adds a new mechanism to the game, making it somewhat more appealing. First, the player will be able to use heroes as essential characters in the battlefield. Although this is a TD game, heroes play such an important role, making the game much more complicated. Players must focus on upgrading in a balanced way in the game. If you are too focused on a certain aspect, it is straightforward to overcome and lose.

Crazy Defense Heroes MOD APK 3.5.4 Download Latest Version 2021

Crazy Defense Heroes is not only a strategy game but also a collectible card game. This means that players have the right to collect cards and prepare their own power before battles. More than 90 cards (updated continuously) will be stripped of power clearly through the system of stars, the larger the number of stars, the stronger the potential. A battle can bring up to 6 cards to fight. Each card will be placed in different locations on the entire map to guard critical areas. They will promote their ability to overcome more than 500 different levels. Each level will have challenges for you to customize your army.

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