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Mod Features:

  • hit kill (Disable Auto win first)
  • Enemy hit very low damage
  • God mode (Never die at 0 HP)
  • Auto win exploit (Disable 1 hit kill first) (Not always work)

Make sure enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps


Crash Fever (MOD, Mega Menu) is made for you to role-play puzzle action to find the pieces of power and destroy the enemy.

Crash Fever MOD APK

It can be said that today, the puzzle game is becoming the most popular and popular on Google Play, which many people love. Do you like to challenge yourself? Crash Fever is one of the interesting, vibrant, colorful, colorful intellectual games. The game is developed to bring players to become the best puzzle gamer in the world. This is an upgraded and improved version that is entirely new and completely different from the games.The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie Shooter MOD APK

Crash Fever APK

Crash Fever MOD APK GL: | JP: Download Latest Version 2021

Crash Fever APK Download


Crash Fever is one of the most popular role-playing and puzzle games available today. There is a fairly simple, classic gameplay. To gain experience, explore players simply select shapes to connect or break them. Your task in this game will have to connect up to 6 six small pieces together in a fantasy world on the way to find. From there, create a decisive blow against the opponent. You must use your available skills to make the right decision at the right time and skillfully dodge those attacks of the enemy. Try your best, wait until the end to become the only survivor of the war, and you will receive attractive rewards from the game.

Crash Fever MOD APK Download

In addition, you will be provided with many special skills when successfully solving puzzles such as breaking, turning the game, dodging opponents… This is a uniquely designed action game so that players will be very excited about this design style. Not only will you defeat your opponents, but you can also gain the powerful features you just defeated into your own to help in the next challenges. In addition, you will still be equipped with powerful support skills to be able to flip the bet in other adverse situations.

Crash Fever MOD APK GL: | JP: Download Latest Version 2021


Crash Fever Just as simple as other games. But it gives players high discovery, many challenges occur in a row, and increases the experience in the virtual world. The characters in this game will change their strength and ability when we choose our own path, collect and upgrade items, and equip self-defense equipment. Therefore, the player who needs such a flexible transformation will increase the combat power significantly.

Each game screen is divided into many levels with puzzles from easy to difficult. The main task of the game is to solve puzzles to get the correct answer, increase the power to defeat the enemy, collect valuable items. At the same time, in the process of playing, they know how to take advantage of their own advantages and disadvantages to make reasonable decisions. This helps you unlock and upgrade more skills that players can use in their battles.

Crash Fever MOD APK GL: | JP: Download Latest Version 2021


In Crash Fever, you will complete quests alone, or you can combine with friends, other players link up into a group to solve puzzles. Based on each team member’s strengths and weaknesses, specific tasks will be divided by the type of strength. Most of the tasks are done simply and quickly. The game offers you a variety of exciting game modes and takes you to unique tactical battles.

There are also Mini-games, which bring players to help players get a relaxing, stress-free experience. And increase your chances of owning high-value items. Moreover, even in these adventures will know many mysteries waiting for you to find out.

Crash Fever MOD APK GL: | JP: Download Latest Version 2021


Crash Fever stands out from other puzzle games on the market is its stunning high-definition graphics engine offers a more realistic experience. In addition, its excellent sound effects go hand in hand with the sharp and clear graphics of the game. Along with that, the characters and images are designed to be diverse and eye-catching, giving players experiences and discoveries while on missions.

This game is one of the best simulations in puzzle games. Players can control and customize their puzzle pieces to complete together. In addition, you can change and upgrade your skills to create unique gameplay that takes down your enemies. With a realistic 3D environment, players can play and use different game modes.

Crash Fever MOD APK GL: | JP: Download Latest Version 2021

Overall, Crash Fever is an exciting game that all players are satisfied with and want to explore. As a mysterious puzzle game, it attracts every player with its beautiful graphics. If you are passionate about puzzle games, you will love the game right from the moment you enter the game. It comes with a perfect control system and simple, classic gameplay that make this great game.

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