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Case Simulator 2 – The market is now full of shooters that are played by many players around world favorite. Even the game makers are so diligent that each week they can produce a product to stir up the market. Gamers do not feel bored either because they have a variety of choices. You can find a shooting product based on your preference. Various contexts, different stories, and varied gameplay behaviors satisfy all the needs that gamers desire for their precious entertainment moments.

Case Simulator 2 MOD APK

Case Simulator 2 (MOD, Unlimited Cash)Rec Room MOD APK

Case Simulator 2 APK

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive case simulator 2. Bet on match!

Then the shooter needs to be diverse, the weapons designed to serve these titles also become a treasure of knowledge that players to explore the body without being bored. Case Simulator is a game that combines all of the most addictive and exotic weapons in a wide variety of shooting platforms. This product has been warmly welcomed and spread its influence throughout the gamer world. That’s one of the biggest motivations for Smoked Studios to release the second part of the brand.

Case Simulator 2 APK Download

Case Simulator 2 (MOD, Unlimited Cash)

Case Simulator 2 MOD APK Download

Basically, the Case Simulator 2 retains the essence of the first part but is upgraded with many more useful and attractive features. The most obvious thing that a player can immediately recognize is the expanded weapons inventory. Players will find out what the exotic weapons and knife skins are designed and arranged in the store. Players only need to unbox them to be able to own and find out easily. If players are still wondering what they are going to learn, then I would like to reveal the games that manufacturers planned to exploit: Newest Spectrum 2, Clutch, and Horizon cases, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Surely the weaponry that these games bring will make you feel familiar.

Case Simulator 2 (MOD, Unlimited Cash)

When you participate in the game, you will see 10 tabs, Cases, Inventory, Contracts, Jackpot, Coinflip, Roulette, Shop, Collection, Upgrader, and Trading. They will take on different functions. Players only need to touch their display name to switch between the actions they want to perform in the game. In general, all 10 functions are involved in the game, but the primary mechanism is that you only need to care about tabs Cases and Inventory is the most. In tabs Cases, players will be allowed to open boxes of weapons at random.

Case Simulator 2 (MOD, Unlimited Cash)

Gamma Case. Souvenir Cases. Get AWP Dragon Lore!

On the screen will appear a button for authentication, players just need to tap light that can start the rotation. The box is open, and in it, there will be a random weapon, which opens whatever you receive it. Apparently, the rarity of the gun also depends on the rarity of the chest that you open. Once opened, they will hover, and players will be able to view them in the Inventory tab. Can you collect all the unique weapons in the worldwide game favorite? Besides, other tags related to the exchange, purchase, and upgrade of the things that you receive.

Case Simulator 2 (MOD, Unlimited Cash)

Players also have the opportunity to play other minigames to receive rewards. You can buy Jackpots to get the rare outfits that almost nobody owns in the whole server. Or, the Coinflip tab gives gamers a chance to bring in significant amounts of money.

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