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A game with exciting gameplay and is full of cuteness that any player will be impressed with is Bunniiies: The Love Rabbit. Players will take over the rabbit farm and gradually gain access to cute bunnies that any player will love. At the same time, players will find many exciting mechanics that help you get a colorful farm, and of course, they also cost a certain amount of your money.

Bunniiies: The Love Rabbit MOD APK

Bunniiies: The Love RabbitTouhou LostWord MOD APK

Bunniiies: The Love Rabbit APK


In Bunniiies, players will get themselves a farm to raise their own rabbits and breed them together to create new varieties. You will be able to comprehensively approach this gameplay because it does not require too much skill from the player and needs to know the game’s mechanics. In addition, when starting the game, you will get an option to choose the appropriate game mode, and two main modes that you can choose from are Safe mode and Adult mode.

Bunniiies: The Love Rabbit APK Download

The two modes’ difference is removing some age-inappropriate factors such as the blood effects when the rabbits are attacked. In addition, the gameplay of the two modes is generally the same, so you will take the time to experience the fun and build yourself a cute farm. So you will spend your time owning many bunnies with different colors and be impressed entirely when their color can change color.

Bunniiies: The Love Rabbit MOD APK Download

Bunniiies: The Love Rabbit Bunniiies: The Love Rabbit


You will start the Bunniiies with a white bunny along with red candy. The feature of the effortless candy is to change the color of a rabbit that eats it. In other words, you can change all the colors to your liking no matter what color the rabbit is. So it’s a colorful experience when you can even breed them yourself to create different colors in this game.

The color scheme is similar to what you are coloring, so it stimulates the player’s curiosity. Bringing them together will help create a baby rabbit, and they often enjoy some of the characteristics and color combinations of their parents. In addition, you can also continue to change their color, and the color is easily changed except for the skin properties. So, it can be said, creating all the individuals with different colors is quite a challenge.

Bunniiies: The Love Rabbit Bunniiies: The Love Rabbit


In the Bunniiies, players will find a stall in which they sell rafters of all colors. It can be said that candy can be bought with money that you earn in the game, or when you achieve a specific achievement, some candies will appear in front of your eyes. You can use them immediately or save them in your inventory. In addition, cute rabbits are also brought to you by wooden crates and slowly land on your farm.

Besides the favorable factors, there are some other dangerous factors that you can encounter in this game when raising cute rabbits. Those are wild animals that can attack your pets at any time, and there will be specific warnings that you can see. So, there will also be certain items for players to buy in the shop, such as first aid boxes. It is a game that any player will love.

Bunniiies: The Love Rabbit Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zero_one.bunniiies


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