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Mod Features:

– Godmode
– One Shot Kill
– Unlimited Ammo / No Reload
– Aim Assist++
– No Recoil
– Rapid Fire

NOTE: Enable Unlimited Ammo Before The You Enter The Game.

Modded by Axey


FPS is one of the genres that is enjoyed by many players around the world to experience. Currently, on the market, there are many FPS games for you to choose for entertainment. But because there are so many games, the player difficulties in finding a high-quality game to play. So Battle Forces is definitely a game that can satisfy the needs of many players. Regardless of who comes to this game, even if you have the highest requirements, you will undoubtedly feel satisfied by what the application brings to the user.

Battle Forces MOD APK

Battle Forces (MOD, One Hit/Auto Aim)Super Stylist MOD APK

Battle Forces APK

Online matches

When players come to the game and take part in battles, it will be standard four vs. four or five vs. five battles for players to fight. All enemies and allies are real people everywhere around the globe, so it will be hard to win. But this also gives players a more authentic experience in shooting so that players can enjoy it. The task of the player is straightforward that within five minutes, the player must destroy as many enemies as possible to come to victory. When that five-minute period ends, the team that has the most killing point will be the one that wins that match. So players need to try their best to destroy the enemy and avoid being killed by the enemy to win.

Battle Forces APK Download

Battle Forces (MOD, One Hit/Auto Aim)

Battle Forces MOD APK Download

Diverse characters and weapons

The game will give players six different characters to choose from for the battle. Each character will have a different character and skill that players can consider for use. Some characters will have the ability to run speed; some characters will be able to recover HP for their allies, so they continue to fight. But that’s not all; each character has their own story about their lives for players to explore. Players can discover for themselves what the story is when unlocking that character. Not only the character, but the game’s arsenal is also very diverse, with a lot of different weapons to use in battle. The weapons that the game gives players such as assault rifles, SMG, sniper rifles, and many other things to use.

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