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In today’s life, has everyone memorized the phone numbers of the emergency hotlines? Nowadays, game developers have released games that simulate the re-enactment hotline, somewhat similar to today’s life. The game mentioned in this article is 911 Emergency Dispatch. A medical game with emergency calls in the middle of the night with exciting stories will definitely give players exciting moments as medical workers.

911 Emergency Dispatcher MOD APK

911 Emergency Dispatcher 911 Emergency Dispatcher


Emergency Dispatch is a game that is being popular with countries around the world produced years ago, and with the fan’s and players’ love, Supersonic Studious LTD has released this game. In general, the game is highly rated on the charts of Gameplay stores, along with attracting thousands of installs every day enough to see how great the game’s influence is on people all over the world.NITRO NATION 6 MOD APK

911 Emergency Dispatcher APK

In addition, the manufacturer recreated the standing images of medical staff day and night waiting on duty and serving the people. Coming to the game, you will be playing the role of medical characters in real life. However, the game is a bit stressful because of facing the problems created in the game, but there will be cases that make you laugh because of the interesting stories.

911 Emergency Dispatcher APK Download


Coming to the game, the player will be playing the role of medical staff, and your job is to receive everyone’s phone calls to come up with a suitable solution for each story. To play the direct role of a 911 operator, you must understand commands such as “saving lives first” and quickly asking the clear address of the person calling.

911 Emergency Dispatcher MOD APK Download

911 Emergency Dispatcher 911 Emergency Dispatcher 911 Emergency Dispatcher

Of course, when entering the game, players will be started by choosing a game unit that gives you three different units, police, ambulance, and fire, equivalent to cases where they are needed. Then choose the city you want to work in and press the button to start the game with fun journeys waiting for you. However, for the first time, you will feel normal and very idle when playing, but don’t be happy after a few minutes; there will be hundreds of messages, calls will come rushing in, making you unable to catch up. After completing the mission, you will receive a worthy reward for you to serve during the game.


It can be said that 911 Emergency Dispatch exudes rich gameplay along with equally funny brain-tangle stories that bring players unforgettable humorous moments. Moreover, stories such as messages and calls will be set up completely randomly to help players not feel bored. Thus, it not only helps players be entertained, reduces pressure, but it also helps you with useful knowledge.

The sound of the game is also quite diverse with sound effects along with the ringing of the phone, the emergency sound; sometimes, you will enjoy the bitter sound that is hard to forget. In addition, along with beautiful images in a live room, players can interact with people around. However, the game is boring for you because the stories are often repeated and annoying for players.


The manufacturer commits that the game has a very high level of security, but inside the game, there are a few holes that we need to pay attention to when participating. Your apps won’t update automatically because they usually don’t have access to Google Play. In addition, this game requires players to know a little bit of English to be able to play the game more easily. If you are smart, you will not understand the situation clearly and accurately; then, you will not be able to control the army to the emergency.

The game requires players to be agile in all cases to be able to answer quickly and accurately to serve everyone. If you can’t manage to keep up with the players in an overloaded field, remember your own mantra is to first ask for a clear address and the seriousness of the case. In addition, there will be other calls calling to tease you, so be careful not to let them fool you. In addition, prepare yourself with tricks to be able to complete the task faster.

911 Emergency Dispatch game is a great game for Android. Coming to the game, players will experience many interesting challenges and bring you fun from the game. Currently, the game is available on Google Play so that players can install the game very easily. Everyone should play the game with their friends to share the fun.

911 Emergency Dispatcher Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fivebits.emeregencydispatch


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